The Bulldog Club - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why The Bulldog Club?
A: The Bulldog Club allows Butler athletics to meet its goals of graduation, integrity and winning. It also allows Butler to address the rising costs that are associated with competition at the Division I level. Bulldog Club gifts provide Bulldog scholar athletes with uniforms, up to date training facilities and equipment, team travel, the finest coaches, recruiting support, academic support programs and other essential components required to support all of Butler's teams and sports.

Q: Can gifts be restricted to a specific sport?
A: Yes. Any gift to Butler athletics is appreciated, but an annual gift with no restrictions, such as a gift to The Bulldog Club Fund, is preferred. These gifts can be allocated to the greatest need. However, all gifts to Butler athletics, no matter the area or sport are eligible for membership in The Bulldog Club.

Q: Can I give to The Bulldog Club and still be a member of the Ovid Butler Society?
A: Yes. Any person whose gifts in a Butler fiscal year reach or eclipse the $1,000 mark will be considered a member of OBS.

Q: Are contributions to Butler athletics tax deductible?
A: Yes. Any gift to Butler University is tax deductible. An acknowledgement letter will be sent to you upon receiving your gift and will serve as a receipt of your contribution.

For current men's basketball season ticket holders, IRS Code Section 170(1) provides that only 80 percent of the amount of your donation is eligible for income tax deduction if the donation entitles you to purchase priority seating for athletic events. Please note that many matching gift companies will typically only match that which the IRS recognizes as a tax-deductible contribution.

Gifts made from donor advised funds to support Butler Athletics are certainly welcomed. However, IRS regulations prohibit the use of donor advised funds for gifts that benefit the donor or any specific individual. Therefore, such gifts cannot be used to fulfill individual pledges and are not eligible for priority points or other donor benefits, such as hospitality access.

Q: If I give to The Bulldog Club, will I still be solicited for the annual fund and other Butler needs?
A: Yes. The Bulldog Club is just one of the many ways that gifts can be given to Butler.