Butler University Athletics Compliance

For any questions regarding NCAA Compliance, please contact:

Molly Sullivan, Associate Athletic Director/SWA
Office: (317) 940-9630
Fax: (317) 940-9053

Butler University Athletics Compliance Mission
Butler University Athletics Compliance pursues total NCAA Compliance in an environment that is open, trusting and non-threatening. Through the help of the Horizon League and NCAA, student-athletes will be able to ensure their eligibility and enjoy the collegiate experience. Not only are understanding the rules important, but also realizing the benefits of sport and sportsmanship. Below are guidelines and information that might help to understand the NCAA Rules and Regulations for Prospective and Current Student-Athletes, as well as Coaches, Administrators, Faculty/Staff and Boosters/Fans. Any questions about the information presented can be addressed to Associate Athletic Director for Administration Molly Sullivan at (317) 940-9630 or email here

Information for Current Student-Athletes
Complying with NCAA Rules and Regulations is important to ensure eligibility for all student-athletes and it is important to have a basic knowledge of the rules so your eligibility is not threatened. If a situation arises that seems questionable ALWAYS ASK FIRST!! Feel free to ask Molly Sullivan, the Associate Athletic Director for Administration, either by phone (940-9630), email or in my office in Hinkle TBD, to ensure everything is fine and your eligibility is not in jeopardy. Below are some links to improve your basic knowledge of NCAA guidelines.

Information for Prospective Student-Athletes
For information on Initial Eligibility, Recruiting, Amateurism Issues, Financial Aid, the National Letter of Intent and other important information on becoming a student-athlete, Click Here

  • For a list of drugs and drug classes banned by the NCAA, Click Here
  • To see a list of questions and answers regarding initial eligibility, Click Here
  • To see a list of questions and answers about remaining eligible, Click Here

Information for Coaches, Boosters & Athletic Department Staff

Compliance Newsletters

Fall 2011 Compliance Newsletter  |  Spring 2012 Compliance Newsletter


Recruiting Information & Forms

Athletic Activities Forms

Other Forms

Information for Alumni & Friends
Butler University is committed to upholding the letter and spirit of NCAA legislation. Part of this commitment includes educating "representatives of athletics interests" (i.e. friends and alumni) about the NCAA rules and regulation concerning them. Please take a few minutes and review the Booster Brochure in PDF Format  . If you have questions regarding your role as a supporter of Butler Athletics, contact the assistant athletic director for compliance at (317) 940-9630.

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