Athletic Department Staff Directory

Butler University Athletics
510 W. 49th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Athletic Department Phone Number: (317) 940-9375


Name Title Phone Email
Steve Farley Head Coach 317-940-9721 EMAIL
Miles Miller Pitching Coach / Recruiting Coordinator 317-940-6536 EMAIL
Andy Judkins Hitting Coach 317-940-6536 EMAIL
Chris Cleary Assistant Coach 317-940-6536 EMAIL

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Chris Holtmann Head Coach 317-940-9377 EMAIL
Michael Lewis Assistant Coach 317-940-8807 EMAIL
Terry Johnson Assistant Coach 317-940-9811 EMAIL
Ryan Pedon Assistant Coach 317-940-9813 EMAIL
Emerson Kampen '13 Men's Basketball Analyst 317-940-6070 EMAIL
Brandon Crone '07 Coordinator of Basketball Operations 317-940-8148 EMAIL
Donna McCleerey '94 Administrative Specialist 317-940-9377 EMAIL

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Kurt Godlevske Head Coach 317-940-9899 EMAIL
Damon Bailey Assistant Coach 317-940-9968 EMAIL
Julie Shelton '93 Assistant Coach 317-940-9902 EMAIL
FahKara Malone Assistant Coach 317-940-8680 EMAIL
Natalie Morse Director of Basketball Operations 317-940-9277 EMAIL
Sarah Quebe Administrative Specialist 317-940-9692 EMAIL

Men's and Women's Cross Country/Track & Field

Name Title Phone Email
Matt Roe Head Coach 317-940-9921 EMAIL
Andy Ponce de Leon Assistant Coach 317-869-8748 EMAIL
Robby Burns Assistant Coach EMAIL
Anna Weigandt Assistant Coach EMAIL


Name Title Phone Email
Jeff Voris Head Coach 317-940-9907 EMAIL
Tim Cooper Assistant Coach 317-940-9391 EMAIL
Joe Cheshire Assistant Coach 317-940-9906 EMAIL
Kyle Conner '01 Assistant Coach 317-940-9023 EMAIL
Patrick Doherty Assistant Coach 317-940-8658 EMAIL
Lee Rose Assistant Coach 317-940-6356 EMAIL
Spencer Summerville Assistant Coach 317-940-6356 EMAIL
Desmond Tardy Assistant Coach 317-940-8593 EMAIL

Men's Golf

Name Title Phone Email
Bill Mattingly Head Coach 317-940-9290 EMAIL
Ben Weaver '97 Director of Operations 317-940-9290 EMAIL
Andrew Wegeng Assistant Coach EMAIL
Don Benbow Volunteer Assistant Coach 317-940-9290 EMAIL

Men's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Paul Snape Head Coach 317-940-9922 EMAIL
Adam Bruh Assistant Coach 317-940-6382 EMAIL
Jason Perry Assistant Coach 317-940-6382 EMAIL
Fabian Knopfler Volunteer Assistant Coach EMAIL
Mike Sanich Volunteer Assistant Coach EMAIL

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Tari St. John Co-Head Coach 317-940-9992 EMAIL
Rob Alman Co-Head Coach 317-869-9236 EMAIL
Rob Klatte Assistant Coach 317-940-6496 EMAIL
Ric Huffman Director of Soccer Operations EMAIL
Elise Edwards Volunteer Assistant Coach EMAIL

Swimming - Women's

Name Title Phone Email
Maurice Stewart Head Coach 317-940-9908 EMAIL
Breann McDowell Graduate Assistant Coach EMAIL


Name Title Phone Email
Scott Hall Head Softball Coach 317-940-9618 EMAIL
Jenna Grim Assistant Coach 317-940-8388 EMAIL
Jack Lewis Assistant Coach EMAIL

Men's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
Parker Ross '06 Head Men's Tennis Coach 317-940-9253 EMAIL
Sean Keefer Volunteer Assistant Coach EMAIL
Ricky Heath Assistant Coach EMAIL
Julia Myer Conditioning Coach EMAIL

Women's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
Tayo Bailey '06 Head Women's Tennis Coach 317-940-8754 EMAIL
Alaina Keller '06 Volunteer Assistant Coach EMAIL

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone Email
Sharon Clark Head Coach 317-940-9211 EMAIL
Lenika Vazquez Assistant Coach 317-940-9905 EMAIL
Sofia Sanchez Assistant Coach EMAIL
Ryan Lilley Volunteer Assistant Coach EMAIL
Amy Miller Director of Volleyball Operations 757-650-2387 EMAIL


Name Title Phone Email
Barry Collier '76 Vice President / Director of Athletics 317-940-9878 EMAIL
Tom Crowley Deputy Director of Athletics 317 940 9878 EMAIL
Ken Larose '80, '88 Associate Athletic Director/Development 317-940-9026 EMAIL
John Dedman '03 Associate Athletic Director for Communication 317-940-9414 EMAIL
Mike Freeman Associate Athletic Director/External Operations 317-940-6452 EMAIL
Molly Sullivan '02 Associate Athletic Director for Administration/SWA 317-940-9630 EMAIL
Carly Dressler Assistant Director of Compliance/Academics 314-210-2636 EMAIL
Carl Heck '05 Associate Athletic Director/Internal Operations 317-940-9889 EMAIL
Todd Morrissey Assistant Director of Internal Operations 317-940-6671 EMAIL
Neal Smith Assistant Athletic Director/Events and Facilities 317-940-9316 EMAIL
Sonya Hopkins Coordinator of Academic Support 317-940-8378 EMAIL
Alex Perry Assistant Athletic Director of Business Operations 317-940-9523 EMAIL
Karen Poirier Athletic Department Administrative Assistant 317-940-6803 EMAIL
Jamie Troyer Spirit Coordinator/Cheerleading 317-940-9623 EMAIL

External Operations

Name Title Phone Email
Mike Freeman Associate Athletic Director/External Operations 317-940-6452 EMAIL
Joe Gentry '86 Director of Corp. Sponsorships/Mgr. of Radio/TV 317-940-9388 EMAIL
Lindsay Martin '05 Manager of Sports Marketing 317-940-9468 EMAIL
Pete Xander '10 Manager of Tickets and Fan Development 317-940-9390 EMAIL
Brady Collier Director of Sales 317-940-6118 EMAIL
Katie Palmer '14 External Operations Intern 317-940-9468 EMAIL
Rachel Warford External Operations Intern 317-940-9390 EMAIL

Butler Sports Properties – A Division of Learfield Sports

Name Title Phone Email
Willis Cheaney General Manager 317-940-8279 EMAIL
Chandler Prince Account Executive 317-940-8278 EMAIL


Name Title Phone Email
Ken Larose '80, '88 Associate Athletic Director/Development 317-940-9026 EMAIL
Kyle Smith '03 Assistant Director of the Bulldog Club 317-940-8162 EMAIL
Taylore Duff Development Intern 317-940-8857 EMAIL

Sports Information

Name Title Phone Email
John Dedman '03 Associate Athletic Director for Communication 317-940-9414 EMAIL
Kit Stetzel Assistant Sports Information Director 317-940-9994 EMAIL

Sports Medicine

Name Title Phone Email
Ryan Galloy '00 Director of Sports Medicine 317-940-9379 EMAIL
Chris Tinkey Associate Athletic Trainer 317-940-8381 EMAIL
Caren Walls Associate Athletic Trainer 317-940-8437 EMAIL
Mike Howell Assistant Athletic Trainer 317-940-6694 EMAIL
Lauren Mitchell Assistant Athletic Trainer 317-940-9975 EMAIL
Aaron Bogenschutz Assistant Athletic Trainer 317-940-9898 EMAIL
Tyler Salzemnieks Certified Intern Athletic Trainer 317-940-9948 EMAIL

Strength And Conditioning

Name Title Phone Email
Jim Peal Head Strength and Conditioning Coach 317-940-8502 EMAIL
Chance Kuehn Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach EMAIL
Donnie Gumble Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach EMAIL


Name Title Phone Email
Jennifer Johnson Head Equipment Manager 317-940-9387 EMAIL
Scott McDowell Assistant Equipment Manager 317-940-9387 EMAIL

Fieldhouse Crew

Name Title Phone Email
Chris Pierle '00 Fieldhouse Crew Supervisor 317-940-9449 EMAIL
Randy Allen Fieldhouse Crew 317-940-9338 EMAIL
Vicki Devine Fieldhouse Crew 317-940-9338 EMAIL
Robbie Benavidez Fieldhouse Crew 317-940-9338 EMAIL
Yolanda Lopez Fieldhouse Crew 317-940-9338 EMAIL