Weight Room


All of Butler's athletes benefit from an extensive strength and conditioning program under the direction of Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim Peal. The purpose of Butler's strength training program is two-fold. One is to decrease injury potential and the other is to increase performance potential. By increasing the strength of each athlete's muscles, bones and connective tissues, the chance of incurring an injury while performing lessens. To increase functional strength is also an important step towards an athlete realizing his or her athletic potential.

The conditioning coordinator has instituted a program for Butler athletes that stresses flexibility, agility, jumping sills, speed and reaction time as well as strength. The program utilizes free weights, strength machinery, manual resistance and additional innovative techniques to help maximize the chance for Butler athletes to succeed.

The center of Butler's strength and conditioning program is the new 4,000 square-foot weight training room located in Hinkle Fieldhouse. The weight room, which features an entire outside wall of glass, is stocked with free weights, weight machines, stationary bikes, stairmasters, and related apparatus, which allows Butler athletes to train in an open and comfortable atmosphere.