Butler Athletic Hall of Fame


The Butler Athletic Hall of Fame was started by Butler University and the Butler B-Association to recognize and honor those individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the achievements and prestige of Butler in the field of athletics, and who have continued to demonstrate in their lives the values imparted by athletics. Former athletes, coaches, administrators and other persons making truly exceptional contributions to the Butler University athletic program are eligible for induction in the Butler Athletic Hall of Fame.

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Charter Members

George Cullen Thomas, 1913 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Tennis
Orville J. Hooker, 1924 Baseball, Basketball
Harold H. "Fuzz" Hungate, 1924 Football, Baseball
Hugh "Wally" Middlesworth, 1924 Basketball, Baseball, Football
Rilus E. Doolittle, 1925 Track, Cross Country
Glen Gray, 1925 Track
Haldane A. Griggs, 1925 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
Scott Ham, 1925 Track
Robert Keach, 1925 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Louis J. Reichel, 1926 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Hermon E. Phillips, 1927 Track, Cross Country
Archie Chadd, 1928 Basketball, Baseball
Julius Sagalowsky, 1928 Tennis
Frank White, 1929 Basketball, Track
Oral Hildebrand, 1930 Basketball, Track
Bert A. Nelson, 1932 Track
Ray Sears, 1935 Track, Cross Country
Inmon C. Blackaby, 1938 Football, Basketball, Track
John J. "Jake" Weger, 1938 Football, Track
Wilbur Schumacher, 1942 Basketball
Otto L. Hurrle, 1948 Football
Francis R. "Moe" Moriarty, 1949 Football, Baseball
William F. Kuntz, 1950 Football
Leroy Thompson, 1957 Football
Ted Guzek, 1958 Basketball

1992 Inductees

Paul D. "Tony" Hinkle Coach, Administrator
Robert Blessing, 1925 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Robert Nipper, 1926 Football, Basketball, Baseball
David W. Konold, 1926 Special Service Award
Frank Baird, 1934 Basketball, Baseball
Tom Harding, 1940 Football, Track, Baseball

1993 Inductees

Frank B. "Pop" Hedden, Coach Special Service Award
William F. Davis, 1935 Special Service Award
Lawrence Holmes, 1937 Football, Track
Jerry Steiner, 1940 Basketball, Baseball
Robert E. Dietz, 1941 Basketball
Charles F. Maas, 1949 Baseball, Basketball
William L. Sylvester, 1950 Football
James B. Doyle, 1950 Basketball, Baseball

1994 Inductees

Alonzo "Lon" Watford, 1931 Football
Jim Hauss, 1938 Football, Track
Wally Potter, 1944 Football, Track
Tom Sleet, 1948 Football
Ralph "Buckshot" O'Brien, 1950 Basketball, Track, Baseball
Bob Plump, 1958 Basketball, Baseball
Jim Morris, Staff Special Service Award
Herb Schwomeyer, Staff Special Service Award  

1995 Inductees

Charles McElfresh, Staff Special Service Award
Jake Caskey, 1929 Basketball, Baseball
James Edwin "Speed" Allen, 1933 Football, Track
Elwood "Woody" Norris, 1942 Football, Basketball
Bill Hardy, 1943 Baseball
Joe Dezelan, Sr., 1945 Football
John Moses, 1958 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
Don Benbow, 1963 Football  

1996 Inductees

James Stewart, 1934 Football, Swimming
Henry "Hank" Abts, 1941 Football
Paul E. Furnish, 1959 Football
Ken Freeman, 1963 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Gerald A. Williams, 1963 Basketball, Track
Lee C. Grimm, 1964 Football, Baseball
Mert Prophet, Staff Special Service Award
Charles "Chuck" Henzie, Staff Special Service Award

1997 Inductees

Scott Armstrong, 1940 Basketball
John Barrowcliff, 1949 Basketball
Ken Pennington, 1960 Basketball
Walt Stockslager, 1960 Football
Jeff Blue, 1965 Basketball
Jack Krebs, 1964 Track
Stan Lyons, Coach Special Service Award

1998 Inductees

Jim Rosenstihl, 1951 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Chris Theofanis, 1952 Special Service Award
Bill Scott, 1959 Basketball
Tom Bowman, 1963 Basketball
Barbara Greenburg, 1964 Special Service Award
Dick Dullaghan, 1966 Football, Baseball
Elizabeth Skinner Spencer, 1982 Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Barbara Skinner, 1983 Basketball, Tennis, Softball

1999 Inductees

Pat Page, Coach Special Service Award
Art Queisser, 1929 Special Service Award
Marvin Wood, 1950 Men's Basketball, Baseball
Keith Greve, 1958 Men's Basketball, Baseball
Jim Ringer, 1960 Football
Dick Haslam, 1962 Men's Basketball, Golf
Larry Shook, 1963 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Dan Warfel, 1967 Football
Beth Piepenbrink, 1983 Women's Basketball, Volleyball

2000 Inductees

Dana Chandler, 1929 Basketball, Tennis
Orvis Burdsall, 1952 Men's Basketball
Wally Cox, 1958 Men's Basketball
Gerald Woolfolk, 1971 Track
Bill Lynch, 1977 Football, Basketball
Jenny A. Young, 1983 Women's Basketball, Softball, Tennis
Galvin Walker (Coach) Special Service Award

2001 Inductees

William L. Shepherd, 1949 Men's Basketball, Baseball
Stephen K. Norris, 1970 Men's Basketball, Track
Daniel K. Nolan, 1972 Football
Billy L. Shepherd, 1972 Men's Basketball
Thomas H. Redmond, 1973 Football
Thom N. Burleson, 1974 Track, Cross Country
Elza I. Purvlicis, 1984 Women's Basketball, Tennis
Xandra L. Hamilton, 1958 Special Services Award

2002 Inductees

Wayne Burris, 1977 Men's Basketball
Rene Evans, 1984 Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Softball
John Kesler, II, 1976 Track, Cross Country
Ralph London, 1956 Football
David Sanders, 1966 Men's Basketball
Ed Schilling, 1967 Men's Basketball
David Swihart, 1976 Football
Robert & Jean Wildman, 1944 Special Service Award

2003 Inductees

Bob Grenda, 1975 Football
Larry Helms, 1962 Football
Daryl Mason, 1976 Men's Basketball
Sue Morris Mills, 1985 Women's Basketball, Volleyball
Kevin McDevitt, 1977 Football
James Petty, 1966 Track, Men's Basketball
John Skirchak, 1961 Football, Baseball
1923-24 Men's Basketball Team National Champs
1928-29 Men's Basketball Team National Champs

2004 Inductees

Clarence Crain, 1973 Men's Basketball
Chris DeWell Dixon, 1986 Volleyball
John Dunn, 1977 Men's Basketball
Bob Eichholtz, 1957 Football
Larry Goens, 1962 Football
Melissa Kilgore LaGrange, 1987 Women's Basketball
Larry Shade, 1967 Men's Basketball, Baseball
Kent Stewart, 1960 Football
1959 Football Team Undefeated Team
1961 Football Team Undefeated Team

2005 Inductees

Phil Long, 1962 Football
Marty Monserez, 1974 Men's Basketball
Elmer O'Banion, 1962 Football
Brad Odom, 1977 Cross Country, Track
Max Schumacher, 1954 Baseball, Special Service Award
Jill Taylor Goeglein, 1989 Volleyball
1948-49 Men's Basketball Team Postwar Legends

2006 Inductees

Mike Chrobot, 1979 Football
Barry Collier, 1976 Men's Basketball
Gary Green, 1962 Football
Mary Majewski Shaw, 1993 Women's Basketball
Lynn Mitchem, 1983 Men's Basketball
Tom Orner, 1979 Men's Basketball
Chuck Schwanekamp, 1978 Football
Julie VonDielingen Shelton, 1993 Women's Basketball

2007 Inductees

Christine Essington Irbe, 1987 Volleyball
Sarah Fee Essick, 1983 Tennis
Darrin Fitzgerald, 1987 Men's Basketball
Ken LaRose, 1980 Football
Jerry Shultz, 1962 Football
Bruce Scifres, 1979 Football
Chad Tucker, 1988 Men's Basketball
1961-62 Men's Basketball Team  

2008 Inductees

Darin Archbold, 1992 Men's Basketball
Dr. Mark Bohnert, 1976 Football
Chris Johnson O'Neil, 1995 Soccer
Jennifer Kintzel McGurn, 1998 Volleyball
Scott Lawler, 1993 Soccer
Tim Mylin, 1983 Cross Country, Track
Tony Pence, 1982 Football
Steve Roberts, 1990 Football

2009 Inductees

Lori Adams Moseley, 1990 Volleyball
Joy Aschenbrener Sweeney, 1999 Soccer
Arnold Mickens, 1996 Football
Harry Muta, 1976 Football, Baseball
Jon Neuhouser, 1998 Men's Basketball
Sarah Schuetz Stremlow, 1998 Women's Basketball

2010 Inductees

Justin Beasley, 1998 Baseball
Dave Ginn, 1984 Football
Steve Mitchell, 1979 Baseball, Football
Steve Weiger, 1995 Soccer
Jean Ann Bowers Walker, 1960 Basketball, Softball, Volleyball

2011 Inductees

Paul Page, 1986 Football
Stacia Mellinger, 1990 Volleyball
Jermaine Guice, 1994 Basketball
Jeremy Aldrich, 1998 Soccer
1983 Football Team Undefeated Team

2012 Inductees

Clyde McEntire, 1950 Golf
Norm Ellenberger, 1955 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Lynn Schreiber Wallace, 1979 Basketball, Tennis
Chuck Orban, 1991 Football
Beth Christiansen Hutson, 1991 Volleyball
Fraser Thompson, 2001 Cross Country, Track
Jim McGrath Special Service

2013 Inductees

Steve Abbott, 1961 Track
Bob Lambert, 1980 Football, Baseball
Amy Pickett Lamb, 1999 Volleyball
Jen Marlow, 1999 Basketball
Thomas Jackson, 2002


2014 Inductees

Jerry Butler, 1960 Football, Track
Todd Lickliter, 1979 Basketball
Curt Roy, 1983 Football
Beth Crauder, 1996 Soccer
Stephen Armstrong, 1999 Soccer
Justin Young, 2001 Cross Country, Track

2015 Inductees

Joe Gentry, 1986 Men's Tennis
John Doctor, 1983 Football
Jessica Taylor, 1992 Volleyball
Rylan Hainje, 2002 Men's Basketball
Amy Morrison, 2002 Women's Soccer
2004 Men's Cross Country Team  
Eldon Palmer Special Service