Campus Requests


Creating a Butler branded item for your department or student organization

To comply with Butler brand standards and trademark policy, student organizations and departments must use an approved Butler vendor, unless a written exception has been granted from Butler’s licensing program.  Exemptions are granted for individual circumstances only.  Repeat requests for exemptions will not be permitted.  To request an exemption form, please contact Butler Sports Marketing. 

To receive a list of recommended vendors, please contact Sports Marketing.  Vendors recommended by our licensing program are selected based upon a history of fair pricing, reliable delivery and excellent customer service. They are selected at the sole discretion of the licensing program and purchasing departments. 


Real Business Experience

Real Business Experience groups, in conjunction with the College of Business, are REQUIRED to follow the University's licensing regulations.   RBE products are not considered university orders for internal consumption. They will be subject to royalty payments.  

All RBE students should meet with their professors to discuss licensing policy.  If they wish to use a registered Butler mark, they should schedule a meeting with Butler Sports Marketing PRIOR to moving forward with their product. 

Students are required to obtain a signature on the blue form from Conferences and Special Events before selling a product featuring a Butler mark on campus. 

Bulldog-Related Logos for Campus Use

Departments other than Athletics and Recreation are not permitted to personalize the Athletic logo (Bulldog with Text).  However, it may be used as stand alone on apparel.  

If a department wishes to personalize an item with a university mark and the name of their club or department, they are NOT permitted to use the Bulldog with Text mark.  They are able to use the Bulldog Head mark, provided design standards are followed.   

Please refer to the Marketing & Communications website for more information. You may also contact Sport Marketing for suggestions or work directly with your licensed vendor on approved art. 

Internal Consumption vs Resale

University orders for internal consumption do not bear royalties.  This includes items such as promotional giveaways, staff apparel, printed material or stationary, and decorative items.

Items that are being resold are subject to royalties. This includes fundraisers.  Groups requesting a royalty waiver must contact Sports Marketing with a request and rationale.