Baseball's Dream Team Wins 2011 Ironman Challenge

The Dream Team, led by seniors Jared Wagoner, Jack Krause, Michael Letzter and Dom Silvestri, won Butler baseball's Ironman Challenge. The Dream Team defeated Team Swagmaster. Wagoner was the team's individual champion.

Team Swagmaster was captained by seniors Grant Fillipitch, Corey Moylan, Kyle Waggoner and Luke Duncan.

Individual Event Champions
Mile Run:
Jared Wagoner (4:57)
Towel Hang: Billy Laing (79.31 seconds)
Swim Relay: Pat Guinane (26.7 seconds)
Scooter Relay: Jack Krause (35.7 seconds)
Super Shoot: Jared Wagoner/Zach Sizemore (30 points)
Beep Test: Jack Krause (Level 14.6) 

Overall Individual Champion: Jared Wagoner