Baseball Concludes 2009 Iron Man Challenge

Jan. 29, 2009

The Butler baseball team concluded its 2009 Iron Man Challenge, which pits a split roster against each other in four different conditioning drills.

The senior members held a draft and divided the remaining squad into two teams that competed in four different events.

The first event was the towel hang. Players had to hang from a towel that was thrown over a pull-up bar for as long as they could. David Dennemann claimed the top time of 92 seconds.

The second event featured an obstacle course which required the players to travel two lengths of a basketball court on a gym scooter, make two lay-ups with a basketball and then dibble a tennis ball with a hockey stick and shoot a goal. Dennemann also claimed the top time in the obstacle course, completing the trip in 47.81.

A 50 meter swim followed at the Health and Recreation Complex, with Tim Conroy swimming the top time of 24.72. The competition concluded with a Swedish shuttle run (beep test), as Kevin Rotherham led the way reaching level 13.6.

Dennemann finished as the overall individual champion with 140 points, with Mike Hernandez (129) and Conroy (128.5) finishing second and third, respectively. Team 2, led by seniors Austin Nickol, Ryan Kruszka, Colin Ziegel, Matt Sokolowski and Jeff Sinkiewicz, edged out Team 1 in the final scoring, 1,531 to 1,509.

Individual Event Results (Top-3)
Towel Hang
1. David Dennemann, 92 seconds
2. Mike Hernandez, 73 seconds
3. Tim Conroy , 70 seconds

Obstacle Course
1. David Dennemann, 47.81
2. Griffin Richeson, 50.47
3. Luke Duncan, 50.69

50M Swim
1. Tim Conroy, 24.72
2. Jon Clarence, 28.59
3. Ryan Salvino, 30.57

Swedish Shuttle Run
1. Kevin Rotherham, level 13.6
2. Jared Wagoner, level 13.4
3. David Dennemann, level 13.3