The Nation Reacts: Butler 64, Gonzaga 63

The Nation Reacts: Butler 64, Gonzaga 63
ESPN screen shot of Roosevelt Jones' buzzer-beater against Gonzaga.


Click here for the AP recap (

Butler-Gonzaga capped a classic Saturday in college basketball. ( 

ESPN's Dana O'Neil believes in Butler and Hinkle Magic.

David Woods' Butler Insider recounts the night of Hinkle Magic and also updates the Rotnei Clarke injury situation. (Indy Star)

Jeremiah Johnson from Fox 59 has a take on the game, and also a bunch of videos. (Fox 59)

Bob Kravitz says this was a classic game with an instant-classic finish. (Indy Star)

Butler grad and sportswriter Tom Davis says Butler and Gonzaga are as good as anyone in college basketball. (Fort Wayne News Sentinel).

Here's the recap and box score from BUHoops. (BUHoops)

Butler's win gave the world a sports story its sorely needed. (CBS Sports)

Walker Carey had 3 key takeaways from Saturday's game. (Rush The Court)

Seth Davis said Butler is his Team of the Week. (Sports Illustrated)


ESPN's highlights package has all the highlights from the game, including Coach Stevens' comments before and after the game. (ESPN)

You can rewatch the entire classic game here. (Watch ESPN)

Here's the postgame presser we posted on

He got it! He got it! He got it! Here is Brandon Gaudin's radio call on 1070 The Fan. (Brandon Gaudin)

One college basketball fan posted this HD look at just the buzzer-beater finish. (Youtube/ESPN)


After the game, asked fans to compare Saturday night's classic to the epic 2003 win over Milwaukee when Avery Sheets '06 hit a buzzer-beater to clinch the Horizon League title. Here are some responses:

@AdamCUnderhill: Gonzaga game for sure! You won't find a bigger stage than #ESPNCollegeGameDay unless your playing in #FinalFour
@Rob Rueff: '03 because Sheets doesn't make that and BU Probably doesn't go to the NCAAs and make sweet 16
@Title_BU: I don't know if today happens without that day. 
@Kevin_Swiontek: Hard to beat hype and intensity of game today. 
@RikLev: What about the Old Dominion NIT victory from 1999??
@andrea_crawford: The Sheets game had bigger post-season impact. This one had a bigger hype with #ESPN #Gameday.
@jswhitmer6: Had a flashback tonight to that game Then=was magical Now=it's what we do
@rdavies2010: shot is Avery's, maybe 'cause it was my first GREAT memory, but today as a whole is hard to beat. Winning in Utah up there too!
@NashBUBulldog : I'm partial, but I think Sheets bc of the post season implications. Without that win who knows where BU would have gone. 
@JoeZiemer: today > Avery