Age is just a number -- and so is Butler's low ranking

Age is just a number -- and so is Butler's low ranking

The clip popped on television late Saturday, just before Butler and Texas Tech were about to tip off in the title game of the Great Alaska Shootout. It was a promo for the upcoming contest, the kind they always do heading into a commercial. But this one seemed more interesting than normal, if only because of the striking differences between the two men on the screen.

On the right was Bob Knight.

Age: 67.

On the left was Brad Stevens.

Age: 31.

And as I watched their exchange I became curious about how Knight seemed to be going out of his way to say something to his counterpart. The Hall of Famer had his hand on Stevens' shoulder, and I wondered what words were coming out of his mouth because the look on the face of Stevens -- Butler's new coach who was raised 70 miles from the Indiana campus Knight dominated for 29 seasons -- was equal parts shock and satisfaction, and it didn't seem like a normal pregame handshake.

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