Butler Football Makes A Difference At Ronald McDonald House

Butler Football Makes A Difference At Ronald McDonald House


Members of the Butler football team took an afternoon off from their hectic class and spring practice schedules to lend a helping hand at the Ronald McDonald House of Indianapolis recently. The Ronald McDonald House of Indianapolis provides a safe place to stay for families who have children undergoing treatment.

Offensive line coach Nick Tabacca was joined by 23 football players to unload a truck containing more than $46,000 worth of food and household supplies gathered by the Jeff Foster/ Marsh Ronald McDonald Food Drive. The food drive collects food and household supplies necessary to operate the Ronald McDonald House.

“In the news, we see so many bad things happening in our community. To see these young men working for the good of the community, it’s just great,” said Connie Gardner, Senior Director of Community Relations for Marsh.

The players enjoyed the time at the Ronald McDonald House, and understood the power of giving back to the community.

“It’s a team-building activity. It’s guys working together for a great cause, it’s a lot like football in that way,” said senior wide receiver Jeff Larson. “To top it off, you're helping out kids who have it tougher than us, it just makes you feel good to help others.”

“We get caught up with our hectic schedules,” said senior defensive back Jack McKenna. “Then we realize there are more important things going on. So you find a few hours when possible to help others less fortunate than us out.”

“It’s important to support those who support you,” said senior defensive back TJ Lukasik. “If we want support from others we need to support others first.”