Butler Football Teaches The Game At ISI

Butler Football Teaches The Game At ISI
Butler Football at International School of Indiana - Oct. 12, 2011



INDIANAPOLIS - Under the direction of senior education major Billy Bork, the Butler football team recently paired with the International School of Indiana for a day of service and teaching. Sixteen Bulldog football players went to the international school, where sports such as soccer and rugby usually control recess hours.

"The International School has a rather broad range of students from different areas, so the sport of football isn't that well-known to them," Bork said. "I came in here as a football player, and they wanted to know more about football."

Bork, a Dyer, Ind., native and fifth-year senior at BU, is a student teacher at the school. He works with grades 4-7 when he's not playing tight end for Butler. The football field day served as an unofficial send-off at the school for the 6-0, 230-lb Bork, who will move on to IPS School 60 for Phase II placement for the rest of the semester. 

The principal at International School of Indiana, Matt Self, gave Bork freedom to plan the day of learning and service for the kids. Bork called on his teammates to come to the school and teach them the game of football.

"In Butler football, one of the tenants of the program Coach Voris always talks about is to be out in the community and represent the program well," Bork said. "I run a lot of the service programs for the football team and everyone has been really helpful and supportive. I think the guys want to come out and share something about football and do something other than class and football.

"It was a good turnout and everyone did a great job as well."

The kids were split into teams according to their homeroom class. A pair of Butler football players were paired with each class and they taught them how to play the game, but more importantly, the lessons that come from playing and competing.

"One of the big things you see teaching football is teamwork and the idea of teammates," Bork said. "But there really are just a lot of little things throughout the semester where you can see a learning moment. Cumulatively, the kids soak it in."