In The Dugout: Bridget Paine

In The Dugout:  Bridget Paine

In The Dugout:  Bridget Paine

Favorite Food

Favorite Color

Favorite Movie
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Favorite Music Group/Singer
James Morrison and Kris Allen

Any superstitions
Depends everytime. If something goes right I do the same thing until it doesn’t.

Favorite place on Butler’s campus
Room 339 in Jordan

Favorite thing about Butler Softball
The friendships

Dream vacation spot

Favorite all-time softball moment
Playing softball for years with my sister

Favorite actor/actress
Selena Gomez

Favorite clothing brand or outfit

Favorite dessert

What is the first thing you notice about people
Their ears

Favorite TV show
Right now is Glee

Favorite smell
Somebody is cooking Chicken and Rice at home

Favorite sport to watch on TV

Do you have any special talents
I can draw cartoons

Who is your hero/heroine
Mostly everyone in my family.

Favorite professional athlete
Michael Jordan

Favorite sound
The buzzer going off when cookies are in the oven

Favorite season of the year

Your idea of a perfect day
Thunderstorming while I’m on the couch watching movies and drinking hot chocolate with nothing due the next day

What will you miss the most about your Butler Softball experience
My teammates and free dinners

What is your fondest memory of the last 4 years
Me tripping on my face in Florida

Favorite complex to play at
Anywhere with a in ground dugout

What would you do different if you could do it again
Couldn’t tell you.

What is your dream job
Middle school math teacher, coach, tutor

If you could go to dinner with three people who would it be
My grandma, James Dean, James Lafferty