Rachel's Softball Blog - #2

Entry #1

Sunday was the second day of IUPUI's Jaguar Invitational. Since we played in the early games on Saturday, we were given the later times today. We met at Hinkle a little before noon, loaded up the vans and set off to compete.

Coach Hall was leading the group in his huge pickup truck, followed by Coach Slack driving one van and Coach Clutch driving the other. The vans we took today were upscale compared to yesterday's vans. They were a much bigger so we weren't sitting on top of each other, and they were complete with arm rests. Nice.

We had been on the road for less than five minutes. Still on the side roads behind Butler, Coach Hall stops at a stop sign and gets out of his truck. He walks up to Coach Slack's van, the one in which I was riding shotgun, opens the door, sticks his head inside, peers at the gas pedal and looks back up at Coach Slack with a little smirk on his face.

"The gas pedal's right there on the right."

He then slammed our door, got back in his truck, and we continued on.

Apparently she was driving too slowly for his taste.

We were scheduled to play Kaskaskia, a junior college whose name I still fail to pronounce, and IUPUI, the game we had been most looking forward to. We won both games.

We beat up on the Jaguars, which was rather enjoyable seeing as though we have established a cross-town rivalry with them. Meaghan Sullivan had a day at the plate. She collected all but one of the RBIs. She then scored the final run on a perfectly-executed suicide squeeze play with Lauren McNulty.

In all, it was a fun day. Taking all four games was a great way to start the year. Having a successful weekend will help build confidence for our next outing at Indiana State, which will take place in two weeks.