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Long time, no blog. Apologies to all.

I have been swamped with schoolwork. It's getting to be that time in the semester...non-stop tests and countless papers. The library is my second home. I could live there if I carried my toothbrush with me. A pillow would be nice as well.

I can't believe it's already November. This semester has flown by. My stomach turns over every time I think about how fast time as passed. The feeling gets a little worse when I realize the due dates for my research papers are fast approaching. Looks like I know what I'll be doing over Thanksgiving break.

We began our eight-hour weeks in mid-October, so we've been having individual practices, lifting and conditioning. Individuals are held in the IHF for one hour, twice a week. The downside to eight-hour weeks is that we're allowed just two hours of skill instruction.

The IHF will be great when it starts to get cold. It's hard to believe winter is coming, seeing as it was 70 degrees and sunny today (Nov. 9). In November? How nice...the weather can stay like this as long as it likes. I despise winter. My dislike for the season is one of the reasons I left Minnesota. I'm always cold. Unless it's 80 degrees, I'm that girl: the weird one wearing sleeves.

During individuals, we work mostly on hitting. We've been breaking down and perfecting our swings with a ton of tee and swift stick work. We've also been able to do a little fielding by pulling back the nets to work on ground balls and agility drills.

We started conditioning last week. Every Monday afternoon we meet for an hour onthe (newly-renovated) Bowl to do plyometrics, speed and power drills, stretching and sprints. We've also been lifting on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Tuesdays are arm days and Thursdays are leg days. These sessions are put on by Jim and Ross, our strength and conditioning coaches.

Last Friday we began conditioning with the coaches. We met in the IHF, pulled back the nets, and went from there. The most memorable drill was what Coach Slack called the "Circle of Love". We would continuously move from exercise to exercise as she called them out at her own discretion. The exercises included tuck jumps, twist jumps, line jumps, lunges and (ugh) burpees. It got pretty tough after a few minutes; my legs were having trouble obeying my wishes. After we had finished, Coach decided to tell us the real name of the drill: "Circle of Death". Go figure.


It's almost finished. The bleachers are up, the press box has arrived and we even have a concession stand. It looks amazing. We all can't wait to play on it. Also, we'd like to give a (huge, enormous, tremendous) thank you to all who were involved in the field construction. 

If you can't see the field in person, take a look at the pictures on our website. While you're at it, become a fan of our Facebook page: Butler University Softball. Then, since you're online already, head back to our website and check out our online clothing store. We have some pretty sweet-looking stuff available. That zip-up is definitely going on my Christmas list. 

It was nice to take a break from the books for awhile. I have a sociology reading to finish before class, so I had better get back at it.

Until next time, my friends.