Butler Shares Championship in ISU Sycamore Classic

Butler Shares Championship in ISU Sycamore Classic

March 6, 2005

Box Score

Butler ended the first day of tournament play on Saturday in the Sycamore Classic hosted by ISU in Terre Haute, Indiana with a 2-1 record. Facing off with North Dakota State and Eastern Illinois in the second day of the tournament, Butler recorded two wins, and earned a share of the championship with Northern Illinois University.

To begin the day, the Bulldogs met back up with North Dakota State whom Butler defeated 1-0 in the first day of competition. Butler earned five runs in the first three innings of play and held NDSU until the 7th inning when NDSU earned three runs.

Nikki Naffziger pitched all seven innings against NDSU and gave six hits and three runs. North Dakota State started Rasmussen as pitcher, she allowed seven hits and five runs in the first two innings. She was relieved by Bakke, who played the remaining 3.2 innings for NDSU. Bakke held Butler for the remaining time, allowing only one hit to the Bulldogs.

Jill Meinhold pounded a homer to left centerfield in the second inning, scoring the lone run of the inning. The final score; Butler 5, NDSU 3.

In the final game of the tournament, Butler was matched up again with Eastern Illinois University. In the competition Saturday, Butler defeated EIU 5-3.

The Bulldogs with Jamie Wonderly on the mound, ended with another success again EIU Sunday with a final score of 4-3. Jamie Wonderly allowed only three runs in seven innings of play against EIU.

EIU pitchers Hoeschon and Condon each logged three innings of play against Butler. Between the two, Butler earned seven hits and four runs.

Butler ended the tournament 4-1, and is now 4-4 for the season. The next competition for Butler will be the Rebel Games in Orlando, Florida starting Sunday, March 13.