Inside The Dugout: Kelly Cartwright

Inside The Dugout:  Kelly Cartwright

April 9, 2008

Best softball memory?
Catching in a game my sophomore year.

Two words that describe how approach softball.
Focused and ready to play the game I love.

Two words describe you off the field.
Energetic and outgoing.

Favorite place on Butler's campus besides the field?
My house

Hobbies outside of softball?
I like being outdoors. I enjoy water skiing and wakeboarding.

Most influential role model and why?
My dad, because he has always been there cheering my on and coaching me when needed.

Favorite music artist or group?
I enjoy lots of different music from 80's to country.

Favorite movie?
For the Love of the Game.

Favorite TV show?
Las Vegas.

Favorite meal?
Chicken fingers.

Any siblings?
Older brother Mike, 26
Younger sister Kristy, 19

Any pets?
Abbie-6 year old black lab

Any superstitions?
Not really

Bungee jump or sky dive?
Neither, a little afraid of heights

First thing you notice about a person when you first meet them?
How they present themselves, friendly, outgoing, shy, etc.

Favorite saying or quote?
It takes no energy or skills to gripe so why do it?

Idea of a perfect day?
Being outside spending it with family and friends

Favorite professional or high profile athlete?
Don't really have one

What will you miss most about your Butler experience?
The wonderful friends I have made

Dinner with any five people?
I don't know

Something never been able to do and would like to someday?

Hope to be doing one year from now?
That I have a job and can start taking grad classes at night to get my Master's in Administration