Inside The Dugout: Amy Hyerczyk

Inside The Dugout:  Amy Hyerczyk

April 10, 2008

Best Softball Memory
Beating UIC on their field my sophomore year and finishing last season above .500

Two words that describe how approach softball
I try to stay as laid back as possible, but at the same time, I'm pretty competitive

Two words describe you off the field
Shy and dependable

Favorite place on Butler's campus besides the field
No place in particular. I enjoy being at my house across from Hinkle...when it's clean!

Hobbies outside of softball
Shopping, taking pictures, going to concerts, hanging out with friends

Most influential role model and why
I can't say there's been one single person that's had a major influence. I've taken away things here and there from a lot of different people, good and bad, so I'd like to think I've learned a little something from everyone.

Favorite music artist or group
Dave Matthews Band and Incubus

Favorite movie
The Holiday

Favorite TV show
The Office and Friends

Favorite meal
Mostaccioli (spelling?) and Italian sausage that my mom makes. It's awesome. And of course, pizza.

Any siblings
Two younger sisters Kelly (19) and Erin (16)

Any pets
No and I'm afraid of large animals...and cats

Any superstitions
I make sure to avoid stepping on the white foul line before and during games. I stepped on it once a long time ago before a game and it was the worst I've ever played so I don't want to take any chances

Bungee jump or sky dive
Bungee jump

First thing you notice about a person when you first meet them
How friendly they are and how often they talk about things other than themselves

Favorite saying or quote
"That's what she said"

Idea of a perfect day
Sleeping in as late as I want, laying out on a beach without a cloud in the sky, in between taking my boat and jet skis out on Lake Michigan and then a BBQ in my backyard with my family and friends and no one goes to sleep before midnight

Favorite professional or high profile athlete
J.J. Redick and anyone currently on the Cubs

What will you miss most about your Butler experience
Seeing my friends everyday

Dinner with any five people
Dave Matthews, Will Ferrell, Kate Hudson, Benjamin Franklin and John F. Kennedy

Something never been able to do and would like to someday
Dance in public and not be completely embarrassed

Hope to be doing one year from now
Settled into a job I love, but still have time to do things like visit everyone that will still be at Butler!