Inside The Dugout: Jenny Jacobs

Inside The Dugout:  Jenny Jacobs

April 11, 2008

Best Softball Memory
Hitting my first collegiate home run against Bucknell in Florida during my freshman year

Two words that describe how I approach softball
Focus and confidence

Two words to describe you off the field
Humorous, Intelligent

Favorite place on Butler's campus besides the field
My big, comfy bed with about a million pillows

Hobbies outside of softball
Sleeping, Facebook stalking, chatting it up on instant messenger

Most influential role model and why
My dad; he is a wonderful father, strong Christian, intelligent, and very respectful

Favorite music artist or group
Michael W. Smith

Favorite movie
Scary Movie 2

Favorite TV show
Will and Grace or any cartoon

Favorite meal
Spaghetti and meatballs

Any siblings
An older brother, Matt (who I adore)

Any pets
Abby-black lab Tigger-cat

Any supersititions

Bungee jump or sky dive
Sky dive! Can I do both?

First thing you notice about a person when you first meet them
Skin tone

Favorite saying or quote
"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right"-Rachel Keeney

Idea of a perfect day
Sleeping and watching movies/TV all day, then going out with friends at night

Favorite professional or high profile athlete
Dwayne Wade or Derek Jeter

What will you miss most about your Butler experience
My friends and going out on the weekends

Dinner with any five people
Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr., Michael Jordan, Michael W. Smith, and my dad's mom

Something never been able to do and would like to someday
Travel across the world sight-seeing

Hope to be doing one year from now
Teaching or substituting in an elementary classroom