Inside The Dugout: Nikki Naffziger

Inside The Dugout:  Nikki Naffziger

April 12, 2008

Best Softball Memory
Winning the state championship game in 15 innings
When Butler wins, when I pitch great and both offense and defense is on!

Two words that describe how you approach softball
Mental Trust

Two words that describe you off the field
Loving wife

Favorite place on Butler's campus besides the field

Hobbies outside of softball
Fishing, playing the piano, working on my farm

Most influential role model and why
My parents, always pushed me and made me the best in all I do!

Favorite music artist or group
Kenny Chesney, country oldies, Alan Jackson, George Strait

Favorite movie
Top Gun, Big Daddy

Favorite TV show
CSI, Two and a Half Men

Favorite meal
Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and milk gravy

Any siblings
Two younger brothers

Any pets
150 sheep, one dog, one cat

Any superstititions
If I play great I will do my hair the same and wear everything the same. Mo and I always say bye when we leave the circle between innings.

Bungee jump or sky dive
Sky dive

First thing you notice about a person when you first meet them
Their teeth

Favorite saying or quote
"Just because I'm smiling doesn't mean it's funny"

Idea of a perfect day

Favorite professional or high profile athlete
Michael Jordan

What will you miss most about your Butler experience
All my best friends

Dinner with any five people
President of U.S.A., Oprah, an Air Force veteran, Steve Young, Jerry Rice

Something never been able to do and would like to someday
Go to Australia and Hawaii and travel out of the U.S.A.

Hope to be doing one year from now
Going to grad school and working part time