Inside The Dugout: Alex Boros

Inside The Dugout:  Alex Boros

April 24, 2009

Favorite Food

Favorite Color

Favorite Movie
Love and Basketball

Favorite Music Group/Singer
Taylor Swift and Rihanna

Any superstitions

Favorite place on Butler's campus
My house

Favorite thing about Butler Softball
The girls

Dream vacation spot

Favorite all-time softball moment
Game winning hit against Loyola

Favorite actor/actress
Channing Tatum

Favorite clothing brand or outfit
Skinny Jeans, Black Tank, High Heels

Favorite dessert

Bungee Jump or Sky Dive
Sky Dive

What is the first thing you notice about people

Favorite TV show
Gossip girl

Favorite smell
Guys Deodorant

Favorite sport to watch on TV
I don't really watch sports on TV

Do you have any special talents
I burp well

Who is your hero/heroine
My grandmas

Favorite professional athlete
Lebron James

Favorite sound
Little kid laughing

Favorite season of the year

Your idea of a perfect day
Laying on the beach with my girl friends, music playing, sexy men walking by and a drink in hand

What will you miss the most about your Butler Softball experience
The girls

What is your fondest memory of the last 4 years
Puking out the window on the bus ride home from Texas...Going to the club in Florida freshman year and beating Green Bay and Valpo in the 7th inning

Favorite complex to play at

What would you do different if you could do it again