Rally For A Bulldog In Need - Candice Washington



Candice Washington, a 2005 Butler Alum had a day of challenge that blessed her life in many ways.  She was having difficulty processing her day.  Things she had experienced and done three days before seemed to have not happened yet. She was feeling lethargic and somewhat dazed.  She was driving when her car ran out of gas, and she sat in the middle of a busy roadway not able to understand why her car stopped.  A man who realized that she was having car trouble, and that she was sitting in the car in the road – offered her assistance and pushed her car to the median, providing safety for Candice and her vehicle.

When Candice’s Mother arrived to assist her, it was clear to everyone that there was something medical going on and her mother decided to take her to the hospital for an examination.  Before her mother could drive away with her, Candice has a partial “focal” seizure.  Her mother called 911 and had Candice transported to the hospital by ambulance. 

Emergency room testing revealed a “mass” in the right frontal lobe of Candice’s brain.  Surgery to remove the mass happened two days later.

Candice’s father flew in from Houston to support Candice through her ordeal.   After surgery, Candice was recovering, but then, five days later, she experienced a major setback.  The surgical site became extremely irritated and a silent seizure (no physical signs in the body) began to happen – continually, without stopping.  Candice barely responded to stimuli, and her health was deteriorating rapidly.  It took two days for the doctors to learn what the problem was.  Once discovered, the physicians began to administer seizure medication and at final count, Candice was receiving four different medicines, simultaneously, and in high doses. But the seizure would not stop. 

Candice was placed in a medically-induced coma on Sunday, March 27 where a ventilator breathed for her and stronger medications were used to stop the seizure.  This worked, stopping the seizure. Next, it was necessary to rest Candice’s brain for 24 hours so her brain would not start the seizure activity again when she was awakened.

Recently, the seizure stopped.  She is awake and has been moved to a rehabilitation hospital where she is working to strengthen her body and mind.  The length of her recovery is not yet known but could take up to 18 months. 

The great news is that the final pathology report reveals that the growth was a collection of abnormal cells and not a tumor after all.  It is a medical mystery, as the neurosurgeons and pathologists at the University of Maryland Medical Center and Johns Hopkins University report they had not seen a growth like this one, cannot explain its occurrence or its origin. 

Candice is in need of financial assistance and Butler's volleyball program has organized a “Rally for a Bulldog in Need.”  She had just started a new job and does not have short or long term disability insurance benefits.   Without being able to work, she has no income and is in dire need of financial assistance. To compound matters her Mom has now taken on the roll as a full-time caregiver, cannot return to work, and her job is not being held for her return. 

Please join our rally to help Candice on her road to recovery by making a donation to help cover some of her numerous livia, which is her mother’s business account but the Purpose field will indicate your donation amount is definitely for Candice J. Washington.